JDS + NetSUS Conflict

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I am in the process of restructuring our current infrastructure and moving away from physical Mac Mini Distribution Points to Linux JDS servers. I'd like to also bundle in NetSUS onto the same Linux box but am experiencing some conflicts.

As soon as I install NetSUS onto the Ubuntu machine I am no longer able to mount the JDS Share via Casper Remote. Before NetSUS was installed I could mount the share and open Casper Admin without any issues.

I have seen posts in regards to creating the following: /etc/httpd/conf.d/ssl.conf and re-installing JDS but this has made no difference either.

If anyone who has JDS and NetSUS installed on an Ubuntu VM successfully could advise if they had to tweak any apache2 conf files or anything else that would be greatly appreciated


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I had the same issue as you describe above.

Check the host names at the top of your /etc/hosts file.
I remember having to update them, then reboot.

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Thanks @alexm however all looks good with the host names and even amending them hasn't made any difference.

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Does this help:


I found that link before this thread. I'm interested in running these two at the same time on RHEL too, but this is a test of my Apache and Linux skills.