JNUC 2019-Apple School Manager and Azure Federation: One School District’s Story

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I led this session and while I'm far from a great presenter, I did have a lot of folks with question and interest in the topic afterwards. Documentation has come a long way on the topic, but if anyone wants to reach out here on JamfNation, I can provide my thoughts or try to work with people running into problems. I am also on MacAdmins Slack with the same handle that I use here on JamfNation.

Link to the YouTube for the session: YouTube Video


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Thanks Brian, this was very helpful. We're starting the process on enrolling our org into ABM so this was very useful.

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We currently have managed apple ids that are username@appleid.school.com. Would it be possible to transition their current managed apple id over to the new federated id? Or would our users have to start with a brand new managed apple ID and we ditch all the @appleid ones.