JNUC 2019 - JSS Importer Session - everyone should go

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Hi Y'all

If you have ever wanted to get serious with automation and never have to create policies again to install software, you should really go to this session. I have been using AutoPKG JSS Importer static Python code in my production environment for the past 7+ months.

I don't package software, I don't create policies, in fact I spend most of my time not even using jamf. Jamf is pretty much on auto pilot. I only ever have to log into jamf to handle the one offs or to change something we occasionally run.

These tools are very valuable to the community and for automation. If you are tired of doing manual labor and racking up tech debt in the jamf UI, seriously check this session out. I strongly urge you all to attend and support our homie Graham who has taken over JSS Importer and has been keeping it alive after Shea changed jobs and went a different direction.