#JNUC: Extension Attributes in Sheep's Clothing

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Arek Sokol will be covering, Extension Attributes in Sheeps clothing, Wednesday, October 24 10:15-11:30 in the Dowling Studio. This session will give you a new perspective or two on Extension Attributes, including real-world examples for leveraging this Casper Suite feature to add even more value to your organization. Leave your Casper Suite Administrator guide at the office while we venture into undocumented territory of "You used it to do what?!" and "Ohhh, smack!"


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Lol @ pubic in that URL

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I mentioned in the session that I am using an ExtAtt to get 'last launched' dates from Apps to be able to reclaim applications that are deployed and never/rarely used.

Here is the script for the Things app.



#move to /Applications folder cd /Applications/;

# Get Item last used date for Things app
ThingsUsage=mdls -name kMDItemLastUsedDate 'Things.app'| awk '{print $3}';

#return result
echo '<result>'$ThingsUsage'/</result>'

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Has anyone been able to install the MacDNA Menulet?

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I was wondering about that, too. I have not been able to install it yet, but would love to.

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Yes, I was able to compile it in Xcode and get it running. However, much of it needs to be customized to work in our environment (we don't use Crashplan, Centrify, etc.), which is going to take a bit of time and effort.

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How exactly do you compile it? I have never really used Xcode before.

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You have to download the project from the GitHub page, and then double-click on the "Mac DNA.xcodeproj" file to open it in Xcode. Then, choose Build from the Project menu. Mac DNA.app will show up in the Products folder.