JSS Certificate Validation:Failed - curl was unable to connect

New Contributor II

Hi chaps, went to image a machine on Friday and noticed we didn't get any Wifi, so tried to send it through Casper Remote just incase it was skipped for whatever reason and still nothing!

We have a script that installs a certification and takes the login credentials from AD and uses them as authentication. Went to the Library folder where it usually drops the cert and it wasn't there, tried to rebuild and nothing? This is on 2 brand new Retina's same model as I was imaging fine on Friday!

The machines enroll as I can see them in the JSS? Tried a recon but nothing, and then seen the above error in the machines details.

Could this be what's causing my issues? If not then 1 what is this error, and 2 why would the wifi script just stop when nothing changed?

Thanks in advance