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When adding policies to the JSS Dashboard, they don't show progress - just grey circles - for active policies.
Process to replicate:
Edit a policy
Click checkbox Show in JSS Dashboard
It shows up on dashboard.
When checking the Policy logs for the policy, it shows activity yet that activity isn't reflected on the JSS Dashboard. The Policy says:
Completed: 0 Remaining: 0 Failed: 0
I do see some policies updated with color graphs in the Policy view and when I check the non list view (block view?), yet even there the newly edited or created policies aren't updated.
Is this expected behavior?


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Updated to 9.2.2 and our issue is resolved.

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I have had this ongoing problem, without a solution or hunch from JAMF, for random policies since we first ran 9.x. I believe you may be running this scoped to Smart Groups; am I correct?


We are seeing the same. I've been in communications with JAMF and it appears to be a known issue. Here is what I was told by our account representative:

"This is a known defect (D-005481). Any limitation added to a policy will grey it out in the Dashboard. Our development team is working on it. In the mean time the defect shouldn't effect how the policy actually runs."

In my case I was limiting the scope of my policy to given network segments. Once I removed the limitation the policy went from grey to the expected green/yellow pie chart.

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Yes they are partially scoped to Smart Groups.
JAMF contacted me and suggested I update to 9.21 as there are some fixes that address this issue.
I haven't had a chance to update yet. When I do, I'll report back.

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Updated to 9.2.2 and our issue is resolved.

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FYI, we are seeing a similar issue on 9.61. Our pie charts on the dashboard do not seem to update for some policy statuses. For example, here is our Safari 7 policy in the dashboard:

external image link

However, when we look at the policy logs, we see that it is completing on many machines:

external image link

Has anyone else encountered this issue?



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We see this all the time. Wish JAMF would actually figure out how to make the status show up correctly. If it was pretty close, but just a little off, it might be OK, but to only be shown that 2 or 3 Macs completed the policy and in actuality 1000+ completed it means that the dashboard for monitoring policies is close to useless. As mentioned elsewhere, its only usefulness is that it provides quick access to that policy, but you still need to show the logs to know whats actually happening. Otherwise, don't rely on it as a way to keep track of what's actually happening.

I'm not certain, but I believe the issue is related to Smart Groups since the list of Macs in a Smart Group is constantly changing, it throws the numbers off. But since the policy logs show clearly what has completed it and what hasn't, I can't fathom why Dashboard items don't just use that same information to show the status - ???

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Yeah, and I think it has something to do with scoping policies to smart groups… It seems like when a policy like that is scoped to a group with membership that will change after the policy runs that it kind of resets itself like that. At least that's what I've surmised based on what I've seen.

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Exactly. This seems like one of the easier things to fix. Even if they have to recalculate the pie graph on the fly because the amount of pending machines could change, its seems like just take the pending machines, the amount completed successfully, and the amount failed, and just calculate it.

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There's a feature request that was starting to include some of this thinking even though it was initially posted to request the ability to set 'global' dashboard policies.


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Late to this party, just curious, does refreshing the Dashboard page, or logging out/in to JSS, refresh the pie charts? If so, maybe JAMF can give us a "Refresh" button that tells Dashboard to grab the new numbers.