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I am writing about, what I hope, is a non-JAMF issue. It concerns the failure of Mavericks to unmount a network home directory at logout. This is a bad deal for us. So here is a quick short about my environment and what I am seeing:Time: This may hav...
How does one set the default JDS a client uses?I have a default JDS that is used when a computer is located on a certain network segment, however, if that computer is offsite, it appears to want to pull from a root JDS that is not technical my group'...
What file/binary controls what OS version Casper Admin sees? I ask because of a beta program I am apart of that Casper Admin sees as something less than what it is. Casper Admin prompts to say I need an OS that is 10.4 or later, and I exceed that cri...
Within Casper Imaging 9.3, I have an uncompiled configuration that contains a few installs that are direct from their maker (example: Java 8 JDK or Xquartz 2.7.5). These are in .pkg format and I merely dropped them strait into Casper Admin and then a...
I have a departmental JSS that I need to migrate/integrate with a larger unit's JSS. I was wondering if I can use the API or perhaps a method you have found to migrate the JSS-housed scripts? Looking through the API I see that a test returns some met...
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