JSS Self Service Will Not Upload / Display Icon

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JSS Self Service will not Upload Icon

Very odd, updating my app policies in JSS to the new Adobe CC 2015 pkgs and saw a few icons were incorrect, so I decide to Upload the correct icons, no dice. JSS looks like it's uploading, but no.

Typically you have to refresh the JSS web page and the new icon will display, nope.

JSS 9.72, rebooted the Linux VM, shutdown and restart tomcat, no dice.

Where and how are these "icons" stored in the JSS (Select Existing)




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There's a table in the mysql db called icons. Not sure if thats the one but I would have assumed they were stored in the db. Putting them anywhere else could mean they get deleted during a JSS upgrade.

Have you tested with different browsers (just in case)?

Failing that it might be worth trying a db repair.

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You may want to try clearing the caches on the machine you're using to check Self Service.