JSS Session Timeout Oddity


Hey folks.

Our JSS has been experiencing random session timeouts since we updated to 10.11, and I was wondering if anybody else had seen similar?

The timeout value in both relevant web.xml files is set to 240 minutes and Tomcat has been restarted several times (along with a server reboot), but sessions still randomly time out and require another login, sometimes as often 2-3 times over a 20-30 second period.

We're using two Ubuntu servers for the JSS/Database and logging in via LDAP integration, if that makes any difference? Not sure where to start looking on this one.


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Hi, don't suppose you've come across a solution for this issue?
We've just started seeing this "Session Expiring, Your session will expire in seconds" message today on our JamfPro 10.13. Nothing has been changed anywhere to our knowledge on the infrastructure and we've just gone through the 1 year anniversary of our JamfPro installation.
think I'll start looking at the Tomcat setup, and probably bounce the servers as a starting point, but its not really a solution.
[Also noticed that my admin account is getting occasional access denied to Jamf Settings areas today... Connected?]

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@ddev Do you have multiple browser sessions logged in simultaneously to the same Jamf Pro instance using the same login credentials?

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@diradmin Nope. Just the one, although thats never caused an issue before.
We bounced the front end server and resolved.