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Hi everybody,

By the recommendation from a friend at Apple, we have decided to start using Casper. We are going to be using the JumpStart system to get us up and running quickly. My question is, do any of you have any questions or recommendations for us to ask during JumpStart?

Our environment consists of 180+ macs (mixture of PPC and Intel laptops and desktops).

Thanks for your help,

Brooks Patton
NASA Advanced Supercomputing
Brooks.B.Patton at nasa.gov


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Hi Brooks,

We got a shortened version of JumpStart (in Jamf's neighborhood on other business), and although it was alot to digest in a shortened period for us, it helped that we had been doing some preliminary work
previous to the training. We already had been digging through the manual, and had a comfort level with the basic concepts from testing and trial and error.

Others may feel differently, but we had a good list of questions from having dug in before attending JumpStart. Good luck, and enjoy Casper!

Matt Corippo
IT Dept
Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes

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We had our JumpStart with JAMF last August. A Casper Suite Product
Specialist came on site for 3 days and got us going.

Our environment: ~330 computers, a mix of ~160 new Intel Macs, ~170 "old"
Intel and PPC Macs. We also have ~150 G3 iMacs that we phased out and
reimaged for disbursement to the public or disposal.

Besides installing and setting up the JSS and getting basic system
overview, we focused on setting up a PreStage Image for the new Macs. My
primary needs were for imaging new computers and updating/imaging existing
machines. Fortunately, I didn't have to concern myself with and Windows/AD
issues since we're all Mac.

We installed the JSS on a 1.33 GHz G4 xServe with 2 GB RAM. I plan on
moving to a new Dual-Core Intel Xeon xServe next summer.

If you use ARD and/or WGM, it's a good idea to spend some time deciding
what tasks and management functions are handled best by each the Casper
Suite and the two aforementioned applications.

My 2¢...

Jeff Johnson
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