Keep a friendly printer name consistent

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Hi JN!

Because I can only set printer defaults using a script that acts on the CUPS friendly name, I need to set the existing printer friendly names to something consistent

The second part of the script will look for this name to set Black and White default on

Has anyone done this in the past, or do you just setup printers with the right name from the start? (annoyingly, staff can change this friendly name which is why I'm going to have the script run every morning)

Thanks in advance


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•••This does not address your actual question but offers another thought on the process•••

I'm sure someone might still jump in here with a truly brilliant, scripted solution. However, you CAN do this somewhat simply, by capturing, deploying and managing printers via JAMF Pro admin, and policies (i.e. NOT using lpadmin or the like). If a user changes the friendly name of any printer jamf doesn't really care because it uses its receipt for that installed printer queue. Simply re-issuing the printer will change the name back to your intended one, while keeping the queue. This could be triggered by all sorts of things. I have heard of some places using network triggers to install and uninstall relevant printer queues and the like.

Just throwing that one out there. FYI, I don't do this, I use lpadmin commands. But I also don't really care if our users change their friendly printer names.

What does your printing landscape look like? (number of buildings, departments, printers, etc).