Known Issue 10.11.0: Howto recover from broken PreStage Enrollment

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As I understand we got bitten by the PreStage Enrollment Issue of 10.11 because we have a PreStage Enrollment using "Automatically assign new devices" to this PreStage. (Doing more or less the same as saving before the scope updated.)

Now our workflow is broken until I get this PreStage erased.

Since it is broken I cannot delete this PreStage via GUI. I see no API option.
I would appreciate it if you could give me a hint how to delete the broken PreStage Enrollments correctly.


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There seem to be a lot of tables around for DEP

Device_enrollment_account_details Device_enrollment_instance_sync_state Device_enrollment_instance_update_cursors

Computer_dep_prestage_account_settings Computer_dep_prestage_configuration_profiles Computer_dep_prestage_custom_packages Computer_dep_prestage_installed_configuration_profiles


Apple_school_manager_instance Apple_school_manager_instance_active_syncs Apple_school_manager_instance_matcher Apple_school_manager_instance_sync_change_request Apple_school_manager_instance_sync_records

Computer_dep_prestage_device_assignments Computer_dep_prestage_skip_step_associates Computer_dep_prestages Computer_dep_prestage_configuration_profiles Computer_dep_prestage_custom_packages

Device_enrollment_program-devices Device_enrollment_program-instances

Mobile_device_prestage_device_assignments Mobile_device_prestage_device_names Mobile_device _prestage_skip_step_associates Mobile_device _prestages

I know API is your friend, but did anyone dare truncate these to clean up DEP ?