Laptop Monitoring Software

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Hi Zach

Could you guys incorporate features similar to the Prey Open Source Software solution into the Recon App? Security tracking features such as GPS location, screen captures, and webcam capturing would be a significant product enhancement.


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Speaking with regards to past problems suffered by another Mac management suite, that may not be a direction that Casper should take (especially the webcam capturing.) Absolute Manage, back when they were LANrev, had this issue:

Absolute Software had bought LANrev just before this all blew up. I'm not sure if the plan to change the software's name from "LANrev" to "Absolute Manage" had already been in the works, but they changed the software name (and removed the webcam capture feature) in a hurry.

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I have no love for Absolute Manage...or its predecessor LANrev...or its predecessor NetOctopus. When Motorola bought Netopia, they shut down all software development...except for Timbuktu (they kept it on life support). I was left stranded managing a bunch of Macs at a banking firm with no upgrade path to LANrev. :(

I love how JAMF Software offers hooks into Casper Suite so these functions can be added by other vendors. So JAMF can concentrate on core functionality and continue to mature their product without veering too far off on tangent.