Laptop Refresh Reports/Notifications

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My company issues new laptops to our employees every 3 years. I'm wondering if there's a way to pull a report or set up a notification so that I know how many machines I have that are reaching the 3 year mark. Is there a report I can run or a way to automate this process? Any information you have is appreciated.



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@cchristen if you enter in whatever information is pertinent in the Purchasing payload in the JSS you can run reports from that information. You can also setup smart groups from that information that you can be emailed about when a computer falls into the group.

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The problem is that it's not based on when the machine was purchased but when it was provisioned to the user. I'm looking for a way to run a report that tells me when it's been 2 years and 11 months since the machine was provisioned. I believe this could be done by recognizing that date that the unique user was created (ignoring the default IT admin account that's put on every machine).

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@cchristen your asking for something can is more "individual" than "built-in" option. I have something that is in the same realm for our district.

During imaging, I take some values and place them in a txt file and hide that from the User's prying eyes and hands. Then created an EA that reads it back into jamfPro. From that information I can smart group things. This has evolved from a simple "imaging date" to now have fields based on what our techs put in during imaging.

Tech: {tech AD account]
Date Imaged: 2016-07-18 TIME: 09:03:14
Workflow used: {DSS workflow selected}
Serial Number: Computer Name: {named keyed in by tech}

The only problem with this for you would be if a computer is ever re-imaged, your time stamp would change. You could think about some workflow that uses one of the ARD fields, which you could then EA, but same problem applies. Now if you put some thought into it and have some scripting ability, you could do a read of the file/field and then re-image and lay that information back down. If it was blank, it would know it's a "fresh" computer.

Hope that puts you on a path.