LDAP Proxy (Pull vs Push)

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Hi everyone,

First time posting here on Jamf Nation.

So we currently are going through setting up Jamf Pro Cloud. We are wanting to have users/groups there to apply permissions/security with AD and SSO.

When I started looking at the LDAP connection, we opted to use the Jamf Infrastructure Manager as this will provide an LDAP proxy so we don't have to expose LDAP outside. It appears that it only requires the basic info when installing and then its setup and walk away.

The security team has reviewed the setup for the firewall and they have raised some concern regarding how Jamf Infrastructure Manager/ Jamf Pro Cloud connect with each other. It seems like Jamf Cloud requests (Pulls) the data and then JIM retrieves and sends it up. Other applications that we use often sends (push) up data to the cloud so this mitigates the listening port.

Is this the expected way the data is sent/received? Are there other options where data could be selected before pushing to the cloud?

Any thoughts or advice you may have I will be all ears.

Thank you all in advance