Privacy Preferences config profile issues


I am trying to created and upload Privacy Preference profiles using the Jamf supplied tool (PPPC Utility).

When I hit the upload button however, a Config Profile gets created, but it is blank except for the "General" section. Is anybody else running into this? This is post Jamf Pro 10.7.1 Upgrade btw.



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I am experiencing the same issue..

JSS Version 10.7.1-t1536934276

Used the PPPC-Utility to create the mobileconfig.

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This is expected behavior in the product until the full GUI is added in a future version of Jamf Pro. You can confirm the content is there by downloading the profile post upload and inspecting the content (it will be signed so you'd have to remove the signature prior to reading it easily) or pushing it to a test device to see the values displayed in the Profiles pane in System Preferences.

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Confirming that this is as expected in 10.7.1. Hit the "Download" button after you have created the configuration profile or scope to a test machine. You can view the signed profile by clicking "Show Profile" in the Profiles window that pops up when you try to install it manually.

I'm still testing Privacy Preference profiles but this guide is a great starting point.