LDAP Server configuration on Jamf pro

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I would like to allow network credentials to login for Jamf console and self service . We have already enabled cloud identity provider and SSO but still we are unable to sign in on Jamf console using network credentials . Is it mandatory to configure LDAP server configurations on Jamf pro settings to allow network credentials to sign in on Jamf pro console ? If yes can we use with Microsoft IDP for LDAP server or we need to allow the traffic to onprem LDAP through Jamf cloud hosted server ? . I believe for any cloud or SAAS instances we prefer to use Microsoft IDP with OAUTH2 or SAML SSO for authentication and authorization.


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I don't have any experience with the cloud IdP portion, but assuming user permissions are handled the same as they are with LDAP, then you'll still need to grant permissions to the group you want to be able to sign in. Jamf Pro can see the groups and users, but it won't allow anyone to sign-in until you specifically grant a group the necessary permissions to do so.