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Hi All!
Thanks to the JAMF Folks for the ripping fast 5.11 update!!!!

The last remaining item that does not work for me in Leopard: (Intel Server 10.5.1 and Workstation 10.5.1) Casper 5.11 (Clean Server install, Clean JSS 5.11 install)

When booted to local 10.5.1 HD, logged in as local admin user
Authenticate to JSS with either Read Only or Read/Write (neither works)
Cannot Casper>Local>Custom> install individual application packages to the boot volume or the second partition No errors in Casper or jamf log

Can mount AFP Share and application packages with Read Only Account
Can Install (Empty>Custom) an OS 10.4 package.dmg to the second partition (weird)
ALL package installs work if netbooted in Leopard/logged in as Root(important!)

Have propagated permissions on Server
Have re-saved packages in Casper Admin (see below Previous Issue: Configs)
Have verified that no OS or Processor Type limitations are set on application packages.

Previous Issue: When Netbooted in 10.5, choosing a configuration would crash Casper Application Fix: Update Configurations in JSS>Casper Admin by choosing each configuration and clicking "Update Configuration"

Accommodating 10.3.9 Clients: I used the same admin name and password on my initial 10.5 server setup as my read/write casper user, to avoid ACLs in the server permissions
First attempt, I added my casperadmin as a second admin user on the box, and even though admin group had read/write permissions to my share, this broke my 10.3 clients
Also, set "Others" to "read only" (see attached)

Leopard Server "Incidental Annoyances":
Server Admin 10.5(279) crashes ALOT- use it sparingly and never leave it open longer than absolutely necessary! If you see Runaway Crash Reports: icalhelper, mdworker, quicklookd, suspect Server Admin!
Have not yet gotten Server Monitor to work remotely (yes, it uses LOM, which needs its own IP :)

Happy Holidays!

Sandy Hinding
Lead Macintosh Technician
HelpDesk Manager
Lakeville Area Public Schools


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Hi Sandy-

Just to reiterate the issue... When logging in as any user other than root on Mac OS X 10.5.x, Casper can not properly install DMG style packages other than the first package which is block copied. This only applies to local imaging of hard drives. Remote deployment using Casper or a Policy does not have this issue.

This is an issue that we verified early this week, and we will have a patch available soon.

Thanks, Sandy!


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When you are using the term "local imaging" are you talking imaging using Casper from a second partition on the machine like a Restore partition? Our NetBoot images that do run as root using 10.5.1, 5.11, and packages stored on an SMB share have the same issue, I just noticed anyway. They only install the OS (10.4.11) and although the log says it installed the remainder of the packages it has not. This confuses me because Sandy's last line says "ALL package installs work if netbooted in Leopard/logged in as Root" which tells me it should be working.

I had the same thing happen with my 10.5.1 restore partition imaging locally. The restore runs as root and only the OS package is going down.

Am I missing something with your response? It sounds like what I'm doing should be working.