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It’s has recently come to my attention the JAMF school has the ability to create a list of apps to assign to a single iPad or smart group. This functionality has been a feature request for many years. JAMF Pro needs this ASAP. This will allow JAMF Pro customers to save time and more flexibility to deploy apps. This would be huge for your EDU customers. Please expedite this request.
Thank you!
Let JAMF know that this feature is important and needs to be implemented ASAP.



Jamf Nation has feature requests for this type of thing, though some have been around for nearly 10 years.

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I'm trying to get some momentum for this feature since it is available in JAMF SCHOOL.

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I already do this in Jamf Pro for a static group - I scope each App to the group. Are you saying it's not possible for a Smart Group? Or, are you saying it's possible to make a list (like a configuration in Jamf Admin)?

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@Spencerdlj This kind of post should be a Feature Request, or link to Feature Requests, so the momentum you are seeking can be tracked by Jamf.

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I have it in both places.