Licensed Software - Wildcards?

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I am trying to add a wildcard to the Licensed Software entry, but it doesn't appear to take anything other than the full file name (the app has a year attached to the file name). I did notice a feature request from 2019 asking for this, so maybe it's not possible?


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In my experience an application vendor needs to specifically offer a CLI install method that asks for a product key at some point to automate entering the product key. Even then the product key would need to be passed as a variable or parameter. You could in theory use more scripting to prompt the user to enter the product key, or read a key file put on the device ahead of time. However, the vendor would still need to support this in their installer binary.

Not knowing what the application is the best I can recommend is reaching out to the vendor and see if they have any programmatic methods to include product keys with an install. Maybe if they have a deployment guide this information will be included.