Log into MacBooks using email address

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Hi all,

Quick background: I'm the Intune and Autopilot admin for my company and I have been tasked to test drive Jamf Pro Cloud so we can deploy MacBooks. I've configured the Jamf Pro and Jamf Pro Azure AD Connector and it is allowing me to use my Intune credential to onboard/zero-touch a MacBook. I've also created a test account and tested SSO from Azure successfully.

The question I have is, is it possible to configure Jamf Pro to enroll machines and allow users to use their email addresses to log into MacBooks instead of us manually creating accounts for them? Please be patient, I'm a newbie with Jamf Pro. Thank you!!!


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You'll want to look at Jamf Connect as well.  

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With Jamf Pro as-is, you can pre-populate and lock the long and short name for the local user account (to match the directory user who authenticated during enrollment) created by the PreStage.  You can then use something like the Kerberos SSO extension to sync the local account password against the on-prem AD.  I think Microsoft has a SSO plugin that would do the same with Azure as well.


Another option would be something like Xcreds.