Login Policy Banner Prompts Twice on FileVault2 Enabled macOS Big Sur Device

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Hi All, Hope you are doing well!


I have a requirement of setting up a Login Policy Banner for users to Accept some Conditions.


However, although I set up the banner by adhering to these instructions https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202277 it pops up twice and takes a lot of time to load/boot than usual. My device is on macOS Big Sur and is Fully Encrypted.


Let me explain what I go through on booting up the device,

1. Screen Turns on Asking for Username and Password

2. On entering the password, the loading bar appears

3. As soon as the loading bar is gone, the Policy Banner Appears to Accept the Conditions

4. Once clicked on Accept, the screen goes blank with the mouse pointer only active

5. After about 1 minute of staring at the blank screen, the same Policy Banner reappears for me to Accept the Conditions

6. On Re-Accepting the conditions I am taken to my Desktop


I have tried saving the PolicyBanner as .txt, .rtf and .rtfd. Yet nothing helped πŸ˜•


Greatly appreciate if you could share your thoughts to overcome this mess.


Thanks in advance! 


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@ujayawardena It sounds like the password for FileVault and the account you're logging into may no longer be synchronized. Are they actually the same? If so, try turning FileVault off and back on again to see if that changes the behavior.

Hi, actually the password used to login to my account is the same as the FileVault password. I even did try it with other local accounts on my device and its still is the same. Did not try Turning Off FileVault since the results were the same on nearly 5-6 devices tested. The Policy Banner always appeared twice with 1 min black screen. I really doubt whether FileVault is causing this issue....

Hi, I did try your step on turning off FileVault. To my surprise, after turning off FileVault the Policy Banner appeared only once.  However, turning it back on did result in appearing twice just like before.

Haven't found any solution yet, is it the same with your devices as well?


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No, we're only seeing the policy banner once with FileVault enabled.

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I am also experiencing the same issue.  All of our Macs are binded to AD to the network.  We log into our machines with a AD account.