M1 Macbook Air - Dep Notify Fails

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Im trying to image a the new M1 MBA via pre-stage enrolment .. The enrolment is completed but DEP Notify failes to launch.. I do trigger the install of rosetta during enrolmen.


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I saw issues with this. I ran the enrollment as bare bones as possible and added policies and profiles post enrollment via smart group scopes. You may be able to part out the enrollment and see what is causing the issue.

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are you using v1.1.6 of DEPNotifty? 1.1.6 is universal and should be able to install no problem, just add a before script in your policy workflow to enable Rosetta and you should be set.

You could alternatively create a payload free package with the rosetta script as your prestage but am not familiar with that process entirely yet.


Im finding that the manifest.xml that im uploading to make the 1.1.6 work properly is not showing up as such in the prestage package section. When I used the 1.1.5 version, it showed that there was a manifest file for the package, so strange. FWIW, I cannot get 1.1.6 working at all whereas 1.1.5 was working fine.

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@walt - This for coming back - I don't believe the new installer for DEPNotify 1.1.6 is available yet.. I can only see the source code on the site.. From further testing - Only MBA need rosetta installed - The Mac Mini M1 works without it ...
also on the MBA I have managed to DEPNotify 1.1.5 to work but manual trigger needed.

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@rkeleghan A DEPNotify 1.1.6 installer .pkg is available in the #depnotify channel of the MacAdmins Slack

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1.1.6 is running fine on my workflow

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For some reason I had to sign the DEPNotify 1.1.5 or 1.1.6 package with composer in order for it to successfully deploy. This seems to be a fairly new development as it just stopped working one day. https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/articles/649/creating-a-signing-certificate-using-jamf-pro-s-built-in-ca-to-use-for-signing-configuration-profiles-and-packages

Otherwise, the package would never come down from PreStage.