Mac Pre-Stage Enrollment Fails after Agreeing to New Apple DEP Conditions

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After agreeing to the New Apple DEP conditions this week, our Mac computers are no longer being configured through JSS' Pre-Stage Enrollment. I have to install QuickAdd (Jamf) and all software manually. During the initial operating system installation phase, all of configuration screens are displayed, such as Wifi, File Transfer, Agreement to terms and conditions, language, keyboard, Siri, etc. What must be done to get Jamf to recognize the new Mac computers?



This was a frustrating day. I got new tokens and certificates, removed my Prestage and my enrollmentComplete and recreated. Finally started working again...

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Our JAMF Pro server's time was incorrect, fast by 5 minutes. Everything was working fine until I tried to renew our DEP token. Time fixed, token re-downloaded from Apple School Manager and uploaded to JSS, and all is good now. Shout out to our TAM for a quick spot and resolution.