MacBook Pro Touch ID not working on High Sierra with AD accounts?

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Since upgrading to the High Sierra public beta, I've been unable to manage Touch ID for my AD account on a domain-bound system. I'm pretty sure I've narrowed this down to only affecting mobile accounts, since I can use Touch ID with local accounts.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?


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@bret_martin Just upgraded to the high sierra beta. No issues here with an AD bound Mac using an AD mobile account.

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Same for me. Touch ID for local Accounts work, but not for managed accounts (AD).

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Same for me. Has anyone reached out to Apple regarding this? For me, it no longer appears in System preferences, and If you search for the pref pane, and try to launch it, you get a message that "You can't open the Touch ID preference pane because it is not available to you at this time. To see this preference pane, you may need to connect a device to your computer".

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Same here. No Login or PrefPane for AD Accounts. With local Accounts everything is fine!

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No issue here.

Macbook Pro 2017 with Touch Bar. Able to login with Touch ID.


After a reboot, it's gone!


I thought my Touch ID wasn't working either with High Sierra after I realized if I skipped it going through the initial account setup I wouldn't see in system preferences. I've since deleted my AD mobile account, logged back in and setup the Touch ID during the account setup. Works like a champ.

-update- whoops spoke too soon. I did set it up but it doesn't appear to exist in system preferences nor does it allow me to open in manually from the PreferencesPane folder. Grrr

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Touch ID authentication is working for me with AD mobile account (configured while using Sierra) but I'm not able to access Touch ID settings anymore through System Preferences.

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@jzeles & @bret_martin I reached out to Apple about this last year when the TouchBar Macs were first released and was told it was "working as intended" that mobile accounts couldn't set up TouchID.

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Hi, I have the same problem. ...but I want to ask, if the problem occurs only when upgrading from Sierra to HightSierra or
the problem will also occur when creating a completely new AD mobile account on HightSierra?
Thanks for answer!

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Problem is now fixed with OSX 10.13.1 Beta 2 (17B35a).

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@phallinan Did you obtain this version from the developer site and if so do we have any insight on when the general release will be ready >
I am running an AD environment with mobile ad accounts for my users and i am experiencing this issue along with the filevault password syncing issues still when upgrading to High Sierra.

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@bjones It is the public beta. Im not sure when the final version will be released. I am running the beta on my production laptop and haven't discovered any issues yet. On the up side at least you now know that apple have a fix and will deploy it soon.

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This is fixed (at least for me) in 10.13.1.

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Also fixed for me with 10.13.1 – finally!

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I'm setting up a brand new MacBook Air with OS 10.14.1 Mojave and it works like a champ for all local accounts but when I login with AD it's no longer available and the system preference is gone.