Macbook there is no connected camera error

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Hi there, I am new to this forum and hope someone can help me with the problem I am facing. I am not sure if this is the right place to ask such questions. I use My MacBook pro for work purpose that involves capturing a good number of pictures using the webcam every day for the official purpose. I use an external webcam to make this work as the default webcam is not so good. From last two days, I am facing this "no camera connected error" whenever I try to launch my external as well as an internal webcam. I have followed several forums and tried fixes like the one mentioned here
again. I am expecting if someone can help me with the problem here.


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I ran into this issue with the configuration profile for Filevault in our organization. From the comments here:

"Best workaround is to add 'Restrictions" with "Functionality/Camera Allowed" to any Config that has a "Security and Privacy" payload included.
Works without having to delete the config profile."

That has worked for us without new users reporting the camera outage after profile update push

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Yep this is to do with the escrow FileVault policy. If you upgrade your JSS to 10.6 they have fixed the problem. I

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We faced this issue recently. The response from Jamf Support was as follows:

Hi Mark Thank you for reaching out to Jamf Support! I am sorry to hear that some of our users are unable to access cameras. Could we please verify whether we are deploying security and privacy payload to these clients ? We register a product issue, where modifying this payload impacts the camera setting as well. In order to prevent this from happening we would like to apply the "allow use of camera" to the same config profile as the security and privacy and re-deploy. We could try testing this on one of the clients to verify.

And further....

I was happy to hear that adding the Camera payload to the config profile helped! You are correct, this issue was registered under number PI-005793 and is fixed in version 10.6.0, so we should not be seeing this behaviour any longer from this version onwards.

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Thank you! @scott.gary's suggestion worked us. We'll update to version 10.6 soon so we don't need to worry about this again in the future.

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@scott.gary and @tjhall thanks for the quick fix. We implemented a configuration profile yesterday that would escrow FV keys. Today, our webcams were not working. Your suggestion worked great and provided an immediate fix.

Time for us to upgrade from JAMF 10.3.