macOS 10.15.4 & Security Update 2020-002, Safari 13.1 & Xcode 11.4 Released!

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Today, Apple released the following updates

macOS Catalina 10.15.4 Update
Security Update for Mojave 2020-002
Security Update for High Sierra 2020-002
Safari 13.1 Update for 10.14 and 10.13
Xcode 11.4 + Command Line Tools.


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If you are planning on using to download the full 10.15.4 installer you'll want to modify the make_sparse_image function to create a 9 Gig sparse image rather than an 8 Gig one otherwise you'll run out of disk space when creating the installer.

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Does anyone have any tips on how to successfully install Mojave's SecUpd2020-002Mojave.pkg from the downloaded DMG when deploying it directly with JAMF? I know that's not Apple's preferred way, but currently it behaves unpleasantly with how I configured the Jamf package as requiring a reboot and the "reboot if package requires it" option set in the install policy... the screen freezes for a minute or more, and then the multiple reboot hell begins ASSUMING users didn't brick their Macs already when they saw the frozen screen by holding down the power button. Is anyone else seeing this behavior? (Yes, I know we should be installing with Apple's native software updates, but we just can't do that at the moment, and the idea of deploying updates remotely right now when they have a pretty high incidence - 5% of our fleet or so - of generating downed users/Macs fills this admin with trepidation.)