macOS 11 PPPC: CrowdStrike Falcon App not populating under Full Disk Access

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I am currently deploying CrowdStrike via Jamf. I am using the latest package + a script to register it. Aside from that, I also have the configuration profiles for PPPC/Kext/SysExt and everything is working well.

The CS agent populates under FullDiskAccess, however, the Falcon app does not. CrowdStrike’s documentation states that the Falcon app should have Full Disk Access as well. I checked other config profiles and mine seems to be set up correctly. CS portal reports my host as normal. Everything works except for this, but I don’t want to deploy until I figure it out.

Here’s some screenshots of my Jamf config, the System Preferences’ Privacy GUI, the tcc database, & MDMOverrides plist:

From my understanding, the checkboxes in the GUI do not matter as long as the bundle is present in MDMOverrides.plist & tcc.db The CS agent is only listed in these locations as well. Thank you for your help!


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is there a way you can show how you setup crowdstrike to be deployed. I am deploying it as well and id like to know if there are several ways of doing this

Hi sure, what is your email address?