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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Wacom Center PPPC

Hi all, try to make an PPPC with the PPPC Utility for the Wacom Center but one thing wont work and that is the com.wacom in Accessibility what am I missing? I control click on the file for the exact location add in the Utility and upload it to Jamf. ...  View more

Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 15.27.42.png Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 15.28.55.png
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Issues with Code Requirements in PPPC Profiles

Hello,Wondering if anyone else has seen this before and looking for some guidance. I am experiencing an issue with Privacy Preference Policy Control (PPPC) Configuration Profiles in our Jamf Pro environment. Any time I create a new PPPC profile, past...  View more

ffff.png NateD_0-1707857207295.png NateD_2-1707857413379.png NateD_1-1707857311241.png
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Giving out Securetokens

Hi there I need some help please. I have an Extension attribute and Smart group to show me all users where the SecureToken is Disabled. We have a management account whereby in terminal you can manually give a ST to someone that does not have a ST usi...  View more

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Adding KEXTs to Apple Silicon Mac

We've started to deploy Crowdstrike on Apple Silicon machines and are running into issues with the kernel extensions due to the machine security policy being set to "Full Security" by default. Right now our end-users are seeing a "system extension bl...  View more

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Big Sur: Jamf wants access to control Dock

Hi all,and a good new year to all of you! Does anyone else get this query?When installing a policy with a dock icon on a Big Sur machine we get asked to allow Jamf access to Dock (see screenshot).I am not sure on how to enable it. I tried it manually...  View more

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LogMeIn installation on BIG Sur

Hello Jamf Nation, We have been having a really hard time silently installing LogMeIn as the Extension pop ups are still appearing despite adding all the necessary PPPC, System ExtensionS We have a policy setup that Installs the Client with the follo...  View more

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PPPC Utility - How To Get It To Work?

Hi, I'm new to JamF deployments. My understanding of PPPC is that it can be used to pre-configure access to be given to certain apps through a Configuration Profile. I've downloaded the PPPC Utility from GitHub & tried to generate a config profile fr...  View more

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Jamf Prompting for access to Mail

Somewhere around macOS 10.15.5 or so several of my users began receiving a pop-up message from Jamf requesting access to Mail. If you make a selection from the prompt it does create an entry in Security & Privacy under Automation. I worked with an en...  View more

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PPPC Profile randomly fails

Hi All, We use ISL for remote assistance. I added a new line as per ISL supports guidance but then the PPPC profile started to fail on random devices. I've removed the additional line but the profile is still failing on random devices. The error in t...  View more

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Bomgar and Student devices

Hello, Has anyone had any luck getting Bomgar to work with full control? I have read a few articles about using PPPC which im not familiar with. I have jump clients install on the devices, but when i remote to them im in a view only mode. The user do...  View more

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Preparing Jamf for Big Sur and ARM

Noob here. We started with Jamf around High Sierra/Mojave and there has been fairly minimal change needed for Catalina. What things should I be doing to prepare for ARM and Big Sur. ARM is obviously going to be the biggest challenge. I know what's ch...  View more

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Sharing our One-to-One roll out scripts and processes

Hey All,We just had a successful roll out of a one-to-one with MacBook Airs and I wanted to share some of what really worked for us. We started with imaging, which we use DEPNotify to prompt to name the computer and then run the installs for base sof...  View more

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Uninstalling Adobe 2019 Apps

Hey guys, I'm having some issues removing the Adobe 2019 apps from Mojave (10.14.6) systems. We've used the uninstall packages from the Adobe Enterprise Console. I've tested them and they seem to work locally on clean machine but whenever I try to in...  View more

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OSAScript Errors

Hi All, hoping for some help here. Looking to frankenstein together a script to add our admin account to FV2 as an enabled user. I've got a script that is currently working under the following conditions: Running locally in terminalRunning manually f...  View more

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Teradici PCoIP Client

Anyone had any luck creating a PPPC profile for the Teradici PCoIPClient.app ? I am not having a problem deploying the .app, I basically have a policy to place PCoIPClient.app in /tmp and then copy the .app into the /Applications folder. PCoIPClient....  View more

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Trend Micro extension blocked

I'm having a problem with trend on Catalina. I have a Kernel Extension whitelist config profile on the machine, but the security tab still says I have to click allow.  View more

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Big Sur Screen Recording Access Requires Admin Rights

Starting in Big Sur, only admin users can enable screen recording access. This change essentially removes the ability for a standard user to share their screen for remote support or videoconferencing tools such as WebEx, Zoom, or Google Meet. The scr...  View more

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Prompt User to Enable Screen Recording TCC

Background: As many of you may be aware, the Screen Recording option can only be enable by a physical user on a Mac. To manage this limitation set by Apple, I have created this workflow to prompt users to enable the Screen Recording option for the re...  View more

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