macOS App Store Questions

New Contributor III

I've seen other posts about moving away from O365 mac app store apps, but have some questions I didn't see answered. Like others, we tried to push O365 via app store and it hasn't worked as advertised. A lot of vpp error 72 time out issues when deploying and inconsistencies with how it updates. eg have a computer on my desk where Word is on 16.46 but Excel is at 16.33. Questions below:

1 - If you unscope computers from the app store software, will they continue to get updates via the app store?

2 - can you use patch management to patch software that was downloaded from the app store, eg O365 apps?

3 - if the mac app store is added to "restricted software", will software still be able to update via app store? We're looking to restrict app store completely and require users to get apps via Self Service.