macOS Catalina 10.15.6 & 2020-004 Security Updates are Live!

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Today, Apple released the following updates
macOS Catalina 10.15.6 Update
Security Update for Mojave 2020-004
Security Update for High Sierra 2020-004

Patch & Security information, Download Links, Version info + size for BridgeOS, Combo, Delta, Full Installer app included in the links below!


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Really nice to see this in the release notes: "Fixes an issue where the computer name may change after installing a software update"

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@ClassicII The Jamf product update list for Mojave has the latest security update link already:

Looking forward to the blog update.... I'm going to hope against hope that Apple's fixed the keychain bug requiring odious workaround if a mobile/network account user changes their password otherwhere than their Mac.

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@ClassicII Fixing a bug by requiring a major OS upgrade isn't really a bug fix, then, is it, it's a forced upgrade. I fail to understand how Apple can rationalize not fixing this in all impacted major OS versions when it has such significant consequences for enterprise support, especially when Apple releases such substantial OS security updates for the likes of Mojave and High Sierra which incorporate feature changes (e.g. the changes to the softwareupdate --ignore flag.)

Having a mobile/network user's keychain update properly on password change in Catalina doesn't help me for the portions of my fleet that need to remain on Mojave.

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Anyone having issues with the 10.15.6 update? I have had two users report issues, I currently have it on hold. I am not really sure how to troubleshoot or what to look for, but this has happened to one user with the last few updates.
I deploy updates by running the SWU payload in a jamf policy, so it is just using the command line software update utility to download and prompt to install in the background. So when the user reboots, they get the recovery screen, reboot back into the OS with no issue. Try again, same issue. Grab it from System Preferences, works no questions asked.

Not sure if this is just a Catalina issue, but Catalina is the only one getting major updates these days, so my primary Mojave fleet hasn't been complaining.


Seeing the exact same here, @hdsreid , across two different Jamf instances. Doesn't seem to affect all of our systems, but I'd say 10-15% maybe?
Also have one machines that has been KP'ing ever since applying the update. Not thrilled with this one so far.

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@Sterritt Oh I hear you.. I submitted the issue way back in 10.14.4!

@hdsreid I always keep an eye on issues after an update. So far I've seen a few small reports but nothing that I can go on right now. I will wait a bit if you are concerned.

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@T.Armstrong , @hdsreid I'm having the same issue. It seems to be a T2 issue. On my 2019 machine, I attempted the update via a software update policy, upon reboot I got the recovery prompt. However doing a full shut down, then booting triggered the update and everything went fine after that. A non-T2 (2013 MBP) updated without issue. I'll probably exclude T2 machines and figure something else out for those users.

Another annoyance I discovered is that it seems to reset the DisplayLink Kext, which I already allowed via a configuration policy. Not sure how to tackle this one yet.