MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 problems.

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Hi All,
out of the blue some of our users started having issues after there device would go to sleep they would not be able to log back in, the local admin account works but not the mobile accounts. I have looked every where with no sure answer where to go next. User are enrolled in Jamf and bound to AD using Jamf have no problems logging in and out of the device or even doing a switch user and adding a new AD account to the device by just login in. I have switch the preferred server to a local domain controller in the office and the users are able to login and out fine. As soon as the device goes to sleep Wi-Fi connected or in the Landing zone dock users and not able to log in, now they can lock the screen saver with out a problem but not place the laptop in sleep mode. I'm at the point now where I would like to disable the network connection when the users log out using a bash script and have another script run to turn them on at login. is there a way for me to check what network connects are on the device and then run ifconfig en0,en1,en2 etc.. to turn them off? at this point I run the ifconfig en5 down and if the en5 does not exist I get a email from Jamf telling me there is a error in the script. All I can hope at this point is to disable the network connection if the device goes to sleep and force the ma to uses the local cashed account.


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Currently experiencing the same issue and I haven't found a proper fix yet.

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i Don't know why this is a problem at this point. It seems to me that when the device that when the Device goes in to stand by it is trying to login in with the network account /domain/your domain/all domains and I cant till if the network connection is on and it fails or if just cant get out to the network and fails.

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So I have been testing and I'm looking at turning on the network interface payload using JSS and I will see if this fixes the problem.

Network Interface
Type of network interface on the device

Use as a Login Window configuration
User logs in to authenticate the Mac to the network
Network Security Settings
Configurations options for 802.1X network authentication
Accepted EAP Types
Authentication protocols supported on target network TLS TTLS LEAP PEAP EAP-FAST

Use Directory Authentication
Authenticate with the target computer's directory credentials
Outer Identity
Externally visible identification (TTLS, PEAP, and EAP-FAST)