MacosLAPS by Joshua Miller

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Hi there


So this "Seems" to be most recognized LAPS for MacOS - 


Has anyone actually got this up and running? We had spends a few days so far messing with this but were not able to get it working properly, I think we are missing something small but important. 


Thanks in advance! 


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I have this running in my environment - what do you have setup so far?

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Hello Steve and thank you for replying. 

So far we had done:
1. Created edu.psu.macoslaps.plist file and placed it into /Library/Managed Preferences
File itself looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">

However we are not sure if there should be line for Method if its being used by MDM and if there should be one what should it say for the String. 

2. Ran the PKG to install main pieces. PKG came from here -

3. Created JAMF extension attribute to collect the info. It is powered by this script:
# Path to macOSLAPS binary
if [ -e $laps ] ; then
# Ask macOSLAPS to write out the current password and echo it for the Jamf EA
$laps -getPassword
current_password=$( cat "/var/root/Library/Application Support/macOSLAPS-password" )
expiration_date=$( cat "/var/root/Library/Application Support/macOSLAPS-expiration" )
# Test $current_password to ensure there is a value
if [ -z "$current_password" ]; then
# The $current_password variable is empty, not writing anything
exit 0
# We know that $current_password has a value so writing it to Jamf
echo "<result>Password: $current_password
Expiration: $expiration_date</result>"
# Run macOSLAPS a second time to remove the password file from the system
echo "<result>Not Installed</result>"
exit 0

Ok i think this is about all we could dig up on how to get it working. Since it does not i am quite sure something is missing. 

Thanks a ton again :)



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Ah, I am using MacOSLAPS in conjunction with Active Directory.  I'm not familiar with the specifics of operating it otherwise.  Which part isn't working in your setup? Changing the password or retrieving and storing it in Jamf?

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Changing the password it seems ;/


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OK so seems like i was wrong!

It does seems to change password locally as i cant any longer use the Admin account with the password i knew. 

However what its showing me in JAMF is also not correct and does not allow me to use that either. So i am not sure where its pulling it from or why it does NOT pull right one. 


What does your extension attribute looks like? 

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Good morning,
I’m also trying to implement macoslaps. have you found a solution?

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I am trying to use this and so far 50% of time it works fine and rest of the time it does not return anything.

When I try to go on those computers and try to run manually it gives me following error.

cfjamfadmin@Jamftestuser-M1 laps % sudo ./macOSLAPS -resetpassword

Error|2022-06-13 10:26:17|macOSLAPS|This machine does not appear to be bound to Active Directory

cfjamfadmin@Jamftestuser-M1 laps % 

I am not connected to AD and don't want Macs to be. So why it gives me this error

As macOSLAPS defaults to AD, is the Method setting set to Local?

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I was not able to make this work RELIABLY. When it works it works just fine but at times it just does not. This obviously is a huge issue as one cant rely on the system that is there for emergencies kind of situations but in itself not reliable. 


I've been working on a LAPS solution for macs and have created a couple of scripts to manage the cycle of the password and account creation and an app to show the password when it's needed.

Some other LAPS for mac solutions display the admin password in plain text in Jamf which is a massive security risk. My script encrypts it all and never displays the password unless you use the decryption script which you can scope to just admin users.

I've detailed the setup on my github and the scripts are there as well.

Check it out to see if it does what you need.

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@perryd84How are you getting the encrypted creds?

Jenny Garland

Hi @JennyGarland 

I've added a short script to my github as a few people have asked this same question.
Check out that script which will encode your api credentials.