Macs will not update to 12.6.2

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Hello friends,

I am unable to get my Macs on 12.4 to update to 12.6.2. The update downloads, prepares to install, and the Macs restart but they are still on 12.4.

I have tried updating through sending a command via Jamf Pro, and manually via the System Preferences pane.

I have tried a Safe Boot.

I CAN get the Macs on 12.6.2 by reinstalling the OS in Recovery.

Anyone have any other suggestions?

Thank you.


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I had seen that with VM's, but never with bare metal.

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This fixed some of our Macs and able to update afterward. Hope this helps.

launchctl kickstart -k system/

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To ask the stupid question. How often do your devices reboot? Its possible for the daemons to hang.


What does the install.log say? I have seen plenty of one off issues where a device or two wont update, but never a feet unless it was a bunch of VMs. Maybe network traffic is getting filtered, but the logs should give an idea.

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I've had this issue with some of our mac's when the user that the update triggers on doesn't have Volume Ownership. 

I have switched us to using S.U.P.E.R.M.A.N by Kevin M. White because of this and providing admin credentials via [--local-account=AccountName] [--local-password=Password] options that has volume ownership.

This still requires the admin account to have a secure token/volume ownership.