Managed Apple TVs

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I'm looking into managing our Apple TVs and would like to know what others are doing. Right now we have one per classroom for students and teachers to use whenever they'd like. They input the onscreen code anytime they'd like to connect and it works about as well as one would expect... which would be around 75% success. I just enrolled a spare I had lying around and don't see many options but maybe there's something I missed that would make it really useful?


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You can't manage Apple TVs over the air, but you can configure them out of the box with Apple Configurator.

Annoying.. still hoping for more Apple TV improvements soon.

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Honestly, what you're doing now is about as good as it gets, unfortunately.
Apple has said in the future there may be more management options.. One can only hope.


The only other advantage of Managed Apple TVs is that they appear in Casper Focus as an AirPlay target.