Managed Distribution of Apps and Family Sharing

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HI Has anyone seen this?

under13Apple IDs:
Initially we distributed 2 free apps via Managed Distribution, but due to the issues with Self Service Mobile coming down too slowly or not at all, we un-scoped the apps from the distribution, so that kids could download these directly from the app store.
On any where the app had come down, now they have their iPad and cannot retrieve these apps.

On a computer
In their Apple ID account, it shows the apps as refunded, but also Downloadable, and can be downloaded to the computer

When student goes to the App Store on their iPad, they cannot download the app, with Message:
"This item is free in the store. This item will be added to your Purchase and will be available even if your Family Sharing status changes"
Cannot download, and does not show up in Purchased Tab in App Store.



I have seen something like this with iMovie.

I had to revoke all vpp apps from the user (remove them from all their groups).
Edit and save the associated VPP assignment groups.

Re-add them to their groups and have them do the VPP invitation process again.

Hmm I am just writing up a notice to our users, regarding family sharing... I think I will advise against it for now.

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Hi Malcolm,
I had opened a case with Apple, but by the time they responded I had created a workaround.
Apple did respond that they had made some changes to the way Family Sharing works, so they also may have fixed it on the backside.
Fun Times!

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Hi Sandy - what workaround did you come up with for this. I'm starting to have a sneaking but unconfirmed suspicion that family sharing is not allowing my students to get apps distributed from VPP directly from the app store......maybe I need to do it via self-service?