Management account not being created in pre-stage imaging workflow

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I'm fairly new to using the Casper Suite and pre-stage imaging

However, prior to my problem I did have a working pre-stage imaging workflow that was successfully creating the hidden JSS management account on the local laptops.

I knew it was working as I was able to click "other" on the log in screen and log in with the hidden management account credentials immediately after the post image reboot of the laptop.

However, without making any changes to the Pre-stage workflow, or the JSS settings anywhere else, the same Pre-stage workflow suddenly stops creating the hidden management account?

There is no "other" option, and trying to enter the management account credentials for any prompt requesting admin rights fails.

Even stranger, after deleting the freshly imaged machines from the JSS, restoring them to factory, and re-imaging them using the same pre-stage workflow, the hidden management account suddenly starts being created again?

Has anyone experienced this issue before?

I have over 150 laptops I need to image and deploy using this workflow, and I can't get it to behave correctly in any consistent way!!


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I am having a problem with the management account not being created myself. In my case it is selected to be crated if it does not exist in the configuration. It works a few times and then quits creating the account. If I delete the configuration and make a new one it will work again for a short time. The issue showed up in 9.61 and is a little annoying.

Now we are not using pre-stage imaging as it so far would not work for us. I just wonder if it is a related issue in Casper though.

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@jevans76, what does the JSS have for the managed status & the management account for these macs?

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I realise this post is kinda on the older side but this is something we are experiencing. In early Jan we finished our JumpStart. During the Jumpstart OSX devices would work. After a few enrolments they stopped working for another reason. iOS devices eventually worked with no issues.
The issue now is Local Admin Account Creation. I have it set to create a local account (using User Initiated Enrolment) during the Pre Stage enrolment. When I re image a Mac it starts to 'pull down' the Config but then prompts me to create a local user account. Completely by passing the Pre Stage Config.
I'm a little lost as to why.


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Did anyone figure out how to solve this?