Management/Admin Account Removed After Catalina Update

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Hello all! Please forgive me in advance if not enough details get provided here, don't be afraid to ask me questions!!

We are now going through our enterprise and updating Macs on High Sierra/Mojave up to Catalina (remotely, of course).

With the Macs in our system, the main administrator account is our management account. Everything has been fine in the past, but for some reason, the installer will run and update the OS, but after the update, the management account is removed from the computer. I check on the computer in JAMF and our management account is no longer listed under "Local User Accounts." So we have no administrator on the computer, and I have no way to Screen Share in, or do anything remotely.

As a temporary workaround, I tried running jamf CreateAccount and creating a temporary administrator. The script push reports that it's successful, and that temporary administrator is listed under Local User Accounts, but I'm still unable to do anything remotely, as this temporary admin is not given remote management rights.

Is there something I'm missing here? I'm just doing an in-place OS upgrade, no file deletion, so I don't know why our management/admin account is getting removed. Like I said, I'll happily send along any details or logs that could be helpful. Just inherited our JAMF instance so I'm still getting used to everything!

Thanks so much in advance for any assistance that can be provided, hope everyone is happy and healthy!


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is there any answer with this issue, since i experience the same thing