Managing Safari with Configuration Profile?

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Is anyone managing Safari using a Configuration Profile on macOS Mojave?

I have official documentation for Firefox and Google Chrome from Mozilla and Google respectively, but I can't find anything from Apple (or on here) about managing Safari.

There's no Safari Config Profile payload in JamfPro, so I assume we'd have to use Custom Settings payload just like Firefox or Google Chrome. I want Safari to match the same bookmarks and some of the settings I've set up for the other two browsers.

I'm inspecting the file, but it would be great to have documentation on all the keys that can be managed currently. The Managed Preferences manifest found on JamfNation is very old (2011), so I'm not sure if some of the keys shown there are have been deprecated.

Any ideas?


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We put a lot of effort into this last year and ended up having to give up. As far as I know, there is no way to do this natively. You used to be able to copy a .plist over, but that method no longer works either. I'm hoping that Apple/Jamf come up with a way to do this as you suggest.

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I'm looking into this as well. Trying to get pass thru authentication to work on Safari, Chrome, Firefox. Not having much luck so far. It's amazing how little you find on managing Safari from a MDM standpoint.

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There's not much you can customize or manage in Safari (in comparison with a chromium based browser) as far as I know. But use ProfileCreator to export a .plist or MCX and upload it Jamf. It works great!

Please explain how to use Profile creator to export a plist for safari. 

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It's really annoying that Apple doesn't allow its own browser to be managed when they keep trying to push Macs as an education platform.

@atrystan , Yeah, that used to be my old method. I would insert our default settings into the User Template. Whenever we'd create a new user on the machine, it would automatically get the settings. This is not possible anymore, as you said.


yep, i have been able to check out the profile manafests repository it looks at, at least has been updated recently...


Sadly, I didn't see anything that looked like a place to put any bookmarks in, though there is plenty to dictate how bookmarks are handled.

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Has there been any updates on this issue? I want to be able to add bookmarks automatically to Safari for our students, but I am struggling to determine how!

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I assume no one has cracked this yet? I was hoping to open multiple pages by default for every safari startup, but it doesn't seem possible through Jamf. Currently using a custom schema to push out 1 homepage.

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