Manually Installing/Upgrading JSSDatabaseUtil.jar on Linux

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If your JSS runs on Linux, maybe due to some circumstance beyond your control the automated JSS Installer isn't a viable option, and all of your upgrades are done manually. Maybe your organization's VM templates are created by the sort of people who hold fast to their beliefs about security through obscurity. Whatever the reason, if you find yourself in a situation where you want to manually change versions of JSSDatabaseUtil.jar for testing, upgrades, or a rollback, you can selectively pull that component (and others) out of

Quick disclaimer: This was tested with RHEL 6.5 and JSS 9.25, just because those builds were handy.

1.) Check what version of the JSS Database Utility is installed. Your path to JSSDatabaseUtil.jar may vary, but the default is /usr/local/jss/bin/JSSDatabaseUtil.jar:

sudo java -jar /usr/local/jss/bin/JSSDatabaseUtil.jar version
JSS Database Utility 8.62

2.) Download the desired version of the JSS Installer for Linux from JAMF Nation. The current Linux installer is hidden in My Assets under "Show alternative downloads", and older versions are under "Show previous releases". You'll find in ./JSSInstallerLinux/JSS Installation/ -- Upload this file to your JSS. For the example, I staged mine in /tmp/.

3.) Extract items from

sudo /tmp/ --confirm --target /tmp/jssinstaller/

--target sets a directory to retain extracted items, --confirm sets the installer to verbose mode, which will prompt before extraction:

About to extract 69804 KB in /tmp/jssinstaller/ ... Proceed ? [Y/n] + read yn
Uncompressing JSS Installer............

And before execution. Take this opportunity to decline (n) so the script doesn't get the chance to run.

OK to execute: bash   ? [Y/n] + read yn

4.) Confirm that you've successfully extracted

ls /tmp/jssinstaller/

5.) Extract the JSSDatabaseUtil.jar from using the same commands from step 3:

sudo /tmp/jssinstaller/ --confirm --target /tmp/jssinstaller/jssdatabaseutil/
Creating directory /tmp/jssinstaller/jssdatabaseutil/
Verifying archive integrity... OK.
About to extract 156 KB in /tmp/jssinstaller/jssdatabaseutil/ ... Proceed ? [Y/n] 
Uncompressing Database Back-up Installer......
OK to execute: bash   ? [Y/n] 

6.) JSSDatabaseUtil.jar should be extracted and ready to copy:

ls /tmp/jssinstaller/jssdatabaseutil/

(Check out for more info about the automated upgrade)


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