Mass edit of Location information - Inventory

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I was wondering if there is a way to mass edit location information for
machines. I have some labs that I want to tag against a business owner of
the equipment and don't want to edit each one individually if I can help it.



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What particular fields of information do you want to modify? Department, Building, something else?

Craig E

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I'd like to do this and edit the "Position" field. Solutions? SQL script maybe?

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Are you trying to set the "Position" to be the same across a subset of your Macs, or are they variable by system?
In either case, this can be done with the recon verb of the jamf binary.

In Terminal do 'jamf help recon' for a list of flags that you can use. One of them is "-position"

So a script targeted at the Macs that does-

jamf recon -position "Grand Poobah"

and it will update any Macs that run it with the specified information. As long as you don't enter any of the other flags in your command, it will leave the other information as is.

Edit: You'd only need to create a script if that position was a variable being pulled from somewhere else and not static. FOr the above example, just drop that into the Run Command section of a policy/Casper Remote under Advanced.

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Mike's right, except there is a defect with some 8.52 installs where the location data I not updated.

Next version of Casper is going to fix it.

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Thanks Ben. I had forgotten about that issue under certain circumstances. Good to know.