Master Distribution Point trouble

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I needed to delete the server listed for the Apple Software Updates in JSS. I deleted that just fine, but didn't notice that the page reloaded back to the master distribution tab, and thought the software update server had not deleted. Of course, I hit delete again which deleted the master distribution server. I'm having a little trouble getting it reconfigured. The admin guide does not seem to describe each field, so I'm not sure if what I'm entering is what is supposed to work or not. For the local path, should that be the internal FQDN for the share? Something like afp://jsshv/CasperShare/, or just the share name? For the file sharing tab, do the read only and read/write accounts have to be local accounts?




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You may not need to enter anything for local path. I have more blank fields than I do filled-in ones.

I simply fill in the DNS name (not the FQDN) which is the server hostname ("jsshv" in your case?) on the General tab and the share name (CasperShare) on the File Sharing tab, then the read-only and read-write account credentials. I use SMB shares, though, and no HTTP.

The accounts don't have to be local accounts as long as the server recognizes them. I use AD service accounts for both.

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Hi Mike,

We do not need to put anything in the local path field. Regarding the read-only and read/write accounts, those simply need to be accounts that have those permissions, respectively, on that shared directory.

I hope this helps a little. If you'd like any further clarification, please do no hesitate to reach out to our Support department at (612) 216-1296.