Mavericks NetInstall 13B42

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I have downloaded the installer of Mavericks 10.9.1 Build 13B42 but am having trouble creating a working NetInstall for it. I have tried using SIU, Automator and Composer but the netinstaller always comes up with the stop sign when booting from it.
The Mavericks installESD.dmg only contains a package folder?? Where as the Mountain Lion installESD.dmg contains the Install OSX Mountain Lion, Packages, System and Library folders? Am I missing something?

When I try to netboot from the image, I just get the stop sign.


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You may want to check what model you are trying to boot with the net install. If it's a newer MBP Retina the build may be different and therefore won't boot. Apple forked 10.9.1 so take that into consideration as you may need to extract a 10.9.1 installer from your newer mac to build a functional net install set.

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Another note to add to @jhbush1973's'll need to build the NBI on for the latest MBPr on that hardware.