[OT] Mac equivalent of gpoupdate /force ?

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Is there a Mac terminal command similar to gpoupdate /force on Windows? Searching the man pages from dsconfigad doesn't appear to have any commands that are similar and my google searches seem to point to 3rd party products. I was hoping to do this natively.

Thanks in advance.


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From a JAMF perspective, there are a couple of commands that may be helpful:

sudo jamf mcx
sudo jamf policy -trigger
sudo jamf recon
sudo jamf manage

Plus you can always add the -verbose flag at the end to get more information from the flying through the terminal. See other commands by doing "sudo jamf help".

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Thanks for your response, perhaps I wasn't clear.

These are Macs that are bound to Active Directory and I want to force the GPO to update on the Macs that it receives from Active Directory.

Hope this clears things up a bit.

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What GPO? GPO, strictly speaking, doesn't exist on the Mac. The closest equivalent is MCX, which should be covered by the sudo jamf mcx command @justinrummel][/url mentioned (that is, if you're using Casper to deploy MCX settings) Even with 3rd party tools like Centrify Direct Control, while it may seem like setting GPO, you're really deploying MCX settings to the Macs.

What exactly is it that you're expecting to update with a GPO update command on the Macs?

Edit: Configuration Profiles are also the closest equivalent, for Macs running 10.7 and up.

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@Seide You may want to look into the mcxrefresh command.

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how quickly i forget. my bad.

thanks for the suggestion guys.