_mbsetupuser folder in the Users folder

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We have created a El Capitan upgrade self service. In the self service we have the restart option of "Perform authenticated restart on computers with FileVault 2 enabled" turned on. The machine will restart and preform the upgrade. After the upgrade is done when we go into the Users folder we now have a restricted user folder for _mbsetupuser. I am guessing this has something to do with the changes with El Capitan and the Root user account. Is anyone else seeing this? Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get rid of it or hiding it again?

On our test machines without File Vault2 enabled this user folder does not show up.



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You could get rid of it with sysadminctl -deleteUser _mbsetupuser && rm -R /Users/_mbsetupuser run as a policy.

Just need to check what this user is for before deleting it :)

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You could also hide it if you don't want to delete it.

Hide it:
sudo chflags hidden /Users/_mbsetupuser

You can undo it at anytime with:
sudo chflags nohidden /Users/_mbsetupuser