MDM iPadOS Update Command Error Code - 41

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Hey jamfs, we have been trying our best to update iPads to 14.2. A lot of our iPads are on various versions of iPadOS 13. We send our iPad updates with a python script to randomize where the updates are being sent. This has been pretty successful so far but we still have many iPads that are not updated. We noticed today that some of the commands are failing with the following message and error code. (41).

"The operation couldn’t be completed ( error 41.)"

Is anyone else seeing this and if so, do you know what it is and how to fix it. So far we haven't found much on Google searches or Apple forums. Thanks for your help! 9227a803afc64192805f4d85c973714b


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I myself was experiencing the same issue. I obtained one that repeatedly failed and connected it to my MAC and tried forcing the iOS update using Configurator 2. It failed with the following message: OS cannot be restored on (name of iPad) Not enough free disk space. Sure enough this iPad was a 16 GB iPad with almost all of it's storage space consumed. Could it be that some of your iPads don't have enough free space to perform the iOS update? I'm wondering if that is the problem I'm encountering.