MDM iPod Touch(s) & Self Erasing

New Contributor

Was wondering if someone has run into this ...

Basically, I have 3 iPod Touches that are NOT DEP devices, but I've configured via Apple Configurator and later placed into our MDM.

Of the three, 1 unit has erased itself three times and I have had to redo the MDM enrollment all over again. This unit is back in the field and has not "erased" itself since the 3rd redo.

Today, a second unit did the same thing, the first unit did. The user had the iPod Touch in her hand, when she went to click the home button, she was greeted with the "Hello" screen. I'm positive this wasn't the user and that something in our MDM is possibly causing this to happen.

When it happened to the first unit, initially I thought it was a fluke mistake. But after the second and third time, i realized that it wasn't. The only connection between the two units are that they were both initially configured via Apple Config and placed into our JSS MDM. They each worked flawlessly for some time and then suddenly out of the blue, without warning would revert back to "Hello" erased state.

I'm a little and wits end as to what may be the cause of this. Has anyone else experienced this?

Thank you.