MDM server for your organization returned an unexpected status

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Hi folks,

I'm provisioning iMacs via Wifi, and when I try to continue on the "Configuration Available" setup screen I am suddenly getting an error that claims "The MDM server for your organization returned an unexpected status (403)." These machines are enrolled in Apple's DEP, and profiles and MDM are managed through JAMF/Casper.

Any ideas on what to do? I'm suspecting a connection error between Casper and the DEP servers, but I'm relatively new to the Casper platform.



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It does sound DEP related. I would try a normal enrolment of a device to see if that completes ok.

You can configure user initiated enrolment in the global management settings screen and try enrolling a Mac that way, cutting out DEP and confirming if it is that causing the issue. Once thats determined theres a whole bunch of other things that I can suggest.

Just pick one of the devices and remove it from the DEP pre-stage scope.

When you are testing it, you may need to erase the device and re-install. At least with iOS, I've seen this a few times where the DEP config seems to get cached somewhere and you can't change its behaviour.

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removing and re-adding worked for me too. thanks!

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This happens if you forget to remove the MDM Profile / Management Framework from the device before you do a re-enrollment with a PreStage enrollment.