Method to Set Trusted Server List

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Hi Folks,

First time poster here on JAMF Nation. In short, in an Educational Environment I am mounting a single SMB File Share through a Policy that then runs the following script:

This is being applied to a Lab of AD joined iMac's running Big Sur.

My Problem:

I have to set

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ AllowUnknownServers -bool YES

To prevent a prompt appearing to the end user warning them they are connecting to an SMB share that they haven't initiated (because this is managed through a script).

Prompt That Appears:

You are attempting to connect to the server "".
Click Connect to continue. 

I would like to find where I can set a list of trusted servers. I currently cannot find where this exists after checking through a number of *.plist files in


and other locations.

So what happens when this script runs from an End-User perspective:

  1. User Logs In.
  2. File Share Appears on Desktop.
  3. File Share Contents Opens in a Physical Finder Window so they can immediately see that it is there.

Besides not knowing where to set the trusted server list everything else is working as expected.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.