Microsoft Defender ATP json file issues

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I am wondering if someone else has the same issue:

I have just started a few days ago to use defender on our M1 MacBooks. I have done the all the configurations from:
Set up the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on macOS policies in Jamf Pro | Microsoft Docs


New configuration profiles for macOS Catalina and newer versions of macOS | Microsoft Docs

which are necessary. As configuration I use this json schema.

mdatp-xplat/schema.json at master · microsoft/mdatp-xplat · GitHub

Defender onboarding and the functionality works fine from the first time, but when checking the function for the threats



I am not able to save this settings. I have tested it maybe 20 times in each direction 🙂 but was never successfull. So in the end in the defender on the MacBook the buttons are visible and usable for the user.


Someone an idea if something is wrong with the json schema or have an tip how to disable this funcion on the client.
The issue is, that I can change it in the GUI, but it will be never written in the configuration.

I am thankful for any help.




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Did you ever determine a resolution short of modifying the p.list and adding the values your self? I'm having the same issue with the JSON config generation not saving those exact settings as well. @Jacek_ADC 


No, I never found a resolution for this issue and for the other one with the MS Defender notifications on the M1 MacBooks. Support from jamf was fine but in the end, I need to open an issue on MS side. But didn't find time for that